Radio Silence

Hello. I hope somebody is listening.

I wonder - if nobody is listening to my voice, am I making any sound at all? 


- Radio Silence, Alice Oseman



The book "Radio Silence", that has been published in German with the title "Nothing Left For Us" was written by Alice Oseman. 


What if everything you set yourself up to be was wrong? 

Attending Cambridge University is Frances Janvier's biggest dream. 

On the outside she is a silent, intelligent girl. 

But she has a secret:  Frances is a huge fan of the podcast "Universe City" and draws fanart for it — but she doesn't want anyone to know this because she's scared of her reputation. 

When Frances meets Aled Last, the boy next door whom she doesn't really know, she gets to know his biggest secret: Aled is the anonymous creator of "Universe City". 

Aled and Frances become friends, united by their love for weird things, including the podcast. But soon they have to face struggles: People in the internet discover Aled as the creator of "Universe City" and his mother forces him stop the podcast. 

Aled suspects Frances to have told people his secret and doesn't talk to her anymore. Then he goes to university and Frances doesn't hear anything from him for a long time. But she can tell that Aled suffers, especially when he comes home for Christmas and discovers that his mother has thrown away most of his possessions — and that is not the worst of the things she has done ... 

So Frances decides to find the mysterious "February Friday", whom Aled's podcast is dedicated to, in order to help her friend. 


I really loved the book "Radio Silence". It deals with serious themes but still manages to be incredibly funny. The friendship between Frances and Aled is extremely well-written and I really liked the fact that the book is about a friendship between a girl and a boy who don't fall in love with each other because I think there's way to few books with this trope. The book is written in a style that's very easy to read, even for people who are still learning English. We also get to see parts of the book written as text messages or bullet points, which adds a fresh flair to the story. 




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