On the Kitchen Counter

Für ältere Leser.


I am literally just a boy. A boy who’s hobby is murdering people, though, but still more or less a normal boy.


Today was one of these days, nothing went well in my life. Just after I’d gotten up, I hit my toe on one of my Mom’s stupid vases. She collects this shitty stuff for some reason, I think I don’t even wanna find out. So after jelling at this painful kind of thing, I limped into the kitchen. As I entered the room, I suddenly realized that I made a horrendous mistake. A mistake I’ve never allowed myself to make before. However, as everyone knows, people are becoming more and more negligent, the longer they do a certain thing. And of course killing human beings exactly matches this rule. Although it’s more of a preference, I’m not proud of. I do not even remember how I got into this business, but when you are, there is no chance of escaping.


My blood froze. I was barely breathing, as I saw my mistake lying there on the kitchen counter. It seemed like she was just asleep, but I knew better. Additionally, the red juice running down her dried out cheek kinda reveals me. The liquid dripped down the kitchen counter and onto the floor agonizingly slowly, leaving staines. Right next to the kitchen counter.


Yesterday I had some sort of a bad phase. Just a small clanger. A clanger that would probably end my life - Just like I ended hers. On the kitchen counter.


My hands clasped my skull and buried my fingernails deep in the warm flesh. Still it’s warm. Not like hers. Lying on the kitchen counter and attracting mosquitos.


Damn. I guess, I killed my Mom.


Didn’t mean it. Was drunk. Down. And now she’s dead. Fuck. The freezer is too small to hide her body in it. Shall I shred her? Kinda morbid, though. Just like ribbing her viscera on the kitchen counter.


Oh yes, there’s a mixer on the kitchen counter. Right next to her. Now quick before my dad wakes up.


11.12.2020 Jale