Black tears

Waves crush never-endingly against the rocks. The air tastes like salt. The black tears that fall from her eyes mingle with the sea, bringing death and destruction. Never-ending is the sea. Never-ending is her grief.


Stories. Legends. Lies. Where is the difference? For her, there is none. Friends are foes and foes are friends. Lies are only the reflections of the truth. And truth, truth is nothing to her. For how does truth help, when life is lost? How can the world be fine for those who have lost all they ever cared for?


She stands. Black tears running down her face. Blue eyes glistening in the light of the moon, a small silver sickle hanging in the black night sky.


Closing her eyes, she jumps from the rocks. Into darkness.


The waves hit her like a shock. Cold creeps over her body, waiting to take the only thing she has left: Her life. Raising her dark voice above the roar of the sea, she sings one last time, sinking all the while.


Water fills her lungs. It takes her voice, her breath, her life. It takes all and leaves her with nothing but black tears, frozen on her face, and her voice, echoing through the endless sea.


Her hair floats in the dark water, surrounding her lifeless body. Now she has nothing. Now she is free.


Hannah, 06.03.2020