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Once upon a time, there was a group of dedicated, book-loving people. When they got to grade eleven, they decided to form a secret society for cookie-lovers along with Mrs. Bröder. Of course, tea was also a big part of it. And books, of course. 

On the Open Day, two students of the tenth grade discovered this secret club, so they had to join to be kept in line and not to spill the secret. 

The first book they decided to read was the Secret History by Donna Tartt, a book about secrets, murder and Greek mythology, which represents the book club very well. 

After that, they spilled the tea of their society around school to get other people to come along and to eat cookies with them. 

Now, we’re taking part in the challenge of the Tea&Ink Society, which tells us to read a book about a certain topic every month. 

Every second Friday we meet up to discuss the books we’re reading and to write our own short stories which we’ll hopefully publish on this website once we’re finished. 

The next dates will be the 16th of May, 7th of June and 21st of June at 1:45 pm at building D in the room D2.07. Feel free to come along and don't dare to flee from cookies and tea! 


Julia and Eliann

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